Legal status information

BMS Service carries out its economic activities by means of two registered legal entities:

1. Company with limited liability “BMS SERVICE” (abbreviated name – “BMS SERVICE” Ltd), Company’s identification code 21470081. This company is:

a. Payer of corporate income tax on a common basis,

b. VAT payer.

2. Limited liability company “SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES” (abbreviated name – LLC “SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES”), Company’s identification code 37075883. This company is:

a. Single tax payer – group III,

b. IS NOT a VAT payer.

The above-mentioned legal entities employ different forms of taxation. This allows our clients to optimize their expenditures by concluding formal contracts with any of the above legal entities. Whatever formal legal entity has been chosen, quality of services rendered will be the same, since we use the same resources, means and business processes in service provision. To implement this mechanism, all the necessary contracts have been concluded between the two companies.