It service management (itsm)

BMS Service is constructing its IT service delivery system and related business processes on the basis of ITIL recommendations. With account for ITIL recommendations, we have developed and implemented:

• classification (catalog) of services,

• effective service delivery processes (ITSM),

• processes of quality control of services rendered and solutions to the emerging problems,

• automated IT service management system on the basis of BMS ServiceDesk software.

BMS ServiceDesk

BMS Service has implemented and uses its own ServiceDesk version (BMS ServiceDesk), which has been developed by BMS Service employees on the basis iTop (open-source ITIL ITSM CMDB Software) Combodo. This allowed us to optimally adapt the ServiceDesk system for the company needs and to modify it so that it meets our customers’ requirements as much as possible. BMS ServiceDesk is a Single Point Of Contact between the service provider and the users operating throughout the territory of Ukraine. The system enables to reliably and safely receive user messages via any channel of their choice and makes it possible to match and exchange messages in automated mode with any other ServiceDesk/HelpDesk systems, monitoring systems, other e-mail services and applications.