Company’s head office. BMS SERVICE owns an office building and is located at the address: 9, Symyrenka Str, Kyiv, 03134.

BMS Service was founded in 1998. Today, BMS Service is topping the Ukrainian market of IT outsourcing, maintenance of office IT infrastructure, remote branches, users, technical support of equipment, software systems, as well as design, installation and maintenance of engineering systems of Data Processing Centers (DPC). Our company is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.

Efforts of our employees are aimed at providing services that significantly improve quality of our clients' business operations and curtailing operating costs of maintenance of their engineering infrastructure. We offer solutions to problems related to development and management of enterprise IT assets and IT functions. By taking over all the tasks associated with construction, maintenance and support of IT infrastructure, we assume full managerial responsibility related thereto. Thus, we give our clients the opportunity to fully concentrate on their core business and provide them with a reliable instrument of fundamental and strategic transformations in the IT sphere at their enterprise.


“We enable our customers to focus on their business and take over maintenance and support of their IT infrastructure”.


“We concentrate our efforts on providing IT services to our clients, which significantly improve quality of business operations and lessen their current expenses on maintenance of their IT infrastructure”.

Manufacturing and warehouses

Our company owns warehousing facilities and an assembly shop located at the address: 68, Radgospna Str., Kyivska oblast, 08290, Gostomel.